Il Modica Castle, located on the top of a small mountain, it rises imposingly over the whole city, almost as if watching over the Modicans. For a long time it was the political center of the old woman Modica County, inhabited first by the counts and then by the governors, who succeeded each other without ever changing the Castle with other administrative offices. The current structure can be widely visited, although some points have been destroyed over time, still leaving some remains thanks to which it was possible to reconstruct important pages of the history of Modica.

History of the Modica Castle

The first construction of the Modica Castle dates back toVIII century, built not only to host the reigning family, but also for military and prison uses, the narrow ones of which medieval prisons they are still visible from the internal courtyard, presenting themselves as rooms obtained from excavations in the rock. Over the centuries several stayed in this Castle King of Sicily, among which Frederick IV of Aragon e Martin I. For some time it was also the administrative seat of justice, hosting the court until'Unit of Italy. After being abandoned to itself, it was then redeveloped to be open to public visits, allowing numerous tourists to be able to observe this scenic place rich in history.

Architecture of the Modica Castle

The Castle of Modica is located on the top of a promontory, of which 3 of its sides fall sheer down to the valley below. This allowed the Castle to be difficult to reach, avoiding numerous sieges thanks to its strategic position. Unfortunately, little remains of the 5 original towers and of the entire walls that surrounded the fortress of Modica, destroyed over time, also due to the earthquake of 1693 which caused the Eastern Sicily. Some earthquakes were also destroyed due to the earthquake Churches located in the internal courtyard, of which today only a few ruins remain. The area surrounding the Castle is still the protagonist of numerous finds, some of which dating back toage bronze.

The garden of the Modica Castle

The Castle of Modica also had a luxurious one garden, to underline the importance of the structure, rich in vegetation and shrubs, with the inevitable citrus fruits from Sicily. Among the most common plants were the Myrtle and Rosemary, considered at the time an excellent tool for air purification. According to historical reconstructions, the garden also housed a vast one frutteto.

How to get to the Castle of Modica

The Castle of Modica is located on a promontory in the middle of the city, just south of the Cathedral of St. George, which is about 200 meters away. It is therefore possible to reach the Castle of Modica easily, crossing the historic streets of the City of Chocolate. Modica can also be reached in auto, starting from any point of the Sicily, crossing the A18 and A19 motorways and then continue with the provincial roads that lead up to Modica. In the same way, it is possible to reach Modica with the regional bus lines, which also connect the Modica city to the two closest airports, theComiso Airport and the most served Catania Fontanarossa Airport, offering the opportunity to reach Modica by plane.

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